(Garment Doc)

Can be done within an hour

Without a surcharge!





Once my jacket got ripped on the side. I took it to your place, but to be honest I didn’t expect a miracle. I thought after the repair it is going to show where it had been ripped. So I considered to use it for dog walking. When I went back to pick it up  (next day was ready… WOW) the lady at the counter was asking me where was the repair done, because she didn’t handle my jacket, and I couldn’t tell her which side, because the repair was so good.

Thank You


Jankovics Zsolt

I took my child’s sweater to a “alterations shop” in my condominium, to repair or change the snaps on it. After I waited over two months running out of patience , and from my frustration, I took it home, where I realized that, all the snaps were forced, like someone tried to take it off with a plier. Next day I took it to your place to Ruhadoki. In less than 24 hours it was done, and didn’t cost me a fortune. From now on I’m going to take all my clothes to your shop! ;) Thanks,


Because of my work, I wear suit on a daily  basis, but It has always bothered me, that something on it is not properly fit,  if it is good on the shoulders, the sleeves are too long; the problem with the dress pants, is usually either the waist or the length.. I looked like a kid who is wearing his father’s clothes. The reason that I’m writing in past tense, is because lucky me, I found you, and could helped me out. Thank you, it feels so much better going to work in a suit which properly fits. I will recommend your services to my friends. Have a wonderful day!



Because the fashion of today, all my pants felt a little loose, although they were very trendy, and I loved to wear them. I didn’t have the heart to get rid of them, because they are high end brands, and they are close to my heart, don’t even mention that, it would have been a fortune to buy new ones. They were sitting in my closet over a year.

In a conversation, a friend of mine  told me about  your services, and I ended up in your store… after you narrow down the legs of my pants, I started to wear them, just like before.

Thank you to save me a lot of money!


Kovács Zoltán

It was a good idea to make shorts out of  my pants that got ripped on the knee. I thought, I have to trash them, but at least now I don’t have to buy new shorts. I have a couple more in my closet, with similar problem, would you do them as well?




Thank you,  you fixed my pants while I shopped in the mall.

Thanks :)