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Hemming 1500-4000 Huf
Changing zipper 2200-3500 Huf
Crotch patch 1500-3500 Huf
Tightening 3000-6000 Huf
Changing / Repairing pockets 1000-3000 Huf/piace
Installing bands/ change it 1500-3000 Huf
Belt loops 500 Huf/piace
Jeans button install
800 Huf/piace

We can’t really think of anything that can’t be done with any pants. Even if you think that your pants  cannot be saved, just let us have a second look.
-If it is to lose then we narrow its bottom, waist, side, etc.…
-If it is too long then we will shorten it! We have multiple option for it.
-If it is tight we will make it bigger from its original material, or we will add to it.




Length Shortening from 6000 Huf
Sleeve  Shortening   2700-6500 Huf
Tightening 5000-13000 Huf
Changing zipper   4500-6500 Huf
Inside pocket repairing/changing   4000 Huf/piace
Changing the lining 5000-18000 Huf
Installing Button  
500 Huf/piace
Installing  Button inserts
1000 Huf/piace

It did fit you last season, but during the summer the sun soak up a few pounds, and you feel your coat is too big? You go around the stores for hours, but the item you like is too long or big? Your favorite spring jacket got ripped? We will repair it or tailor it! Is it all about lining, broken zipper, shortening the sleeves,shortening the length etc. Bring it to us and we will start working on it.fuggony2.png


Curtain seaming
500 Huf/m
Curtain seaming plus cut on size/ sewing
700 Huf/m
Curtain seaming plus cut on size (cut from the top) narrow 3 cm topper
1350 Huf/m
Curtain seaming plus cut on size (cut from the top) thick (6cm) plus cut on size (cut from the top) 6cm tropper 1450 Huf/m
Curtain seaming plus cut on size (cut from the top) with brought in topper
1200 Huf/m
Narrow (3 cm) valance install ( price not include cutting on size)
1150 Huf/m
Thick (6 cm) valance install ( price not include cutting on size)
1250 Huf/m
brought in valance install (price not include cutting on size)
1000 Huf/m

Newly bought curtains have to be cut  to the proper size, if it’s too long, then it’s going to get stained on bottom from moping, having to take them to the cleaners often and also having them to on and off, would be a pain in the neck. The simple solution is to bring them to us right after purchase, so right away can get on it’s place, in the right size.



Hemming from the bottom /layer 2500-5000 Huf
Narrow it down 2000-8000 Huf
Changing zipper 2500-5000 Huf
Changing lining 5000-9000 Huf

“There is a problem with my skirt! It may look better on me if would be Smaller, or NARROWER and at the same time would be better with a little bit higher waistline.Than I should let it loose up a little bit, so it would be more hectic! We can change the zipper for red, the snaps for green, waistband for thick Black, the buttons for yellow! Can be spotty or each seam with different colors!...OMG...



Hemming from the bottom 2200-3500 Huf
Hemming from the sleeves 2200 Huf
Narrow it from both sides 2200 Huf
Narrow the two sides plus the sleeves 4000 Huf
Neck tailoring 2700 Huf

The summer is here and your spring workout was a success? All your t-shirts are loose on you, or maybe you find a nice one but the size is not a match, and it would be hassle? Bring it to us, and we will tailor it for you, or if got ripped we will repair it!



Hemming from the bottom 2200-3500 Huf
Hemming from the sleeves 2200-3700 Huf
Narrow the Shoulders  4000 Huf
Narrow down the sides 3000-4000 Huf
Elbow patches 2500 Hu
Ripped next to the button inserts 2500 Huf


With shirt often happens, that we feel it is not the right fit. Shirts that you can buy from the stores are not custom fit, but you can tackle the problem, if you bring the shirt to us!



Hemming from the bottom (+ fly /piace) 4000 (+500) Huf
Hemming from the sleeves 4000 Huf
Narrow it down 4000-10000 Huf
Change the lining 13000-18000 Huf
Add an inside pocket 4000-5000 Huf/piace
Repairing ripped part next to the outside pocket 4000 Huf/piace

We have many years of experience with countless Coat alteration behind us. If you feel, it doesn’t suits you properly, but you were too afraid to take it to alter because it is an expensive piece. You can bring it to us with confidence. Majority of the items that we handle, are include high end ones (Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Massimo Dutti, Joop, Armani etc.)



Insert jeans button 800 Huf/piace
Changing snaps  800 Huf/piace
Small pillow case 2000 Huf
Big pillow case 3000 Huf
Resize Pillowcase or duvet cover   1000-2500 Huf/piace
Brassiere strap shortening 1500 Huf
Install button on suit, shirt
300 Huf/piace

If it is ripped or tear down a button or a snap from your clothes. If your zipper pull-tab broke, or it is too big the cover, that you ordered from the internet. We will solve your problem.

In case if you can’t find prices that you looking for please ask for it from one of our colleague.

Our prices are in HUF and sale tax is included. We are keep left behind items for one month.